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Victim/Witness Services

The Victim/Witness Center is located on the First Floor of the Carter County Courthouse.  Our advocates assist victims in navigating the criminal process, submitting claims for compensation, and keeping up-to-date with court proceedings.  Below are links to some of their services and our partner agencies for assistance.

VINELink is an automated service that allows you to track the status of an offender or a protective order over the phone or Internet.  You can also register to be notified by phone, text message or email if an offender is released, transferred, or escapes; or register to be notified by phone or email about changes in the status of a protective order.

Oklahoma voters overwhelmingly voted to pass Marsy’s Law on Nov. 6, 2018, in the form of a ballot initiative numbered State Question 794. As a result, today the Oklahoma Constitution guarantees greater protections for victims, survivors, and their families or guardians.

As a victim of a crime, pursuant to the Oklahoma Constitution Article 2, § 34, you have certain rights.  

The Family Shelter of Southern Oklahoma provides free and confidential services to victims and survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking.

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No-Drop Policy on Domestic Abuse 

Melissa Handke DA.jpeg

District Attorney Melissa Handke

Too many times we hear from victims how they feel pressured to drop the charges against their abuser.  This person may be the primary breadwinner of the family.  We want to alleviate that added pressure.
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